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Go Out mag_spring 2015


Opulence and decay find form in the sculptures of Swiss artist Boris Gratry, who works with found metal scraps that are then rusted and embellished with gold leaf. The resulting abstract compositions are reminiscent of acclaimed minimalist artists such as Donald Judd and Richard Serra. Gratry collects his materials by hosting large happenings during which a totaled automobileis set on fire and then violently cooled with water, changing its form and preparing it to rust.Variations in temperature and preparation time dictate the metal′s initial coloration, which theartist then accentuates with gold leaf appliqué. In doing so, Gratry opposes notions of polarities:beauty vs. brutality, attraction vs. repulsion, wealth vs. poverty. By transforming scrap metalinto something precious, the artist performs a kind of alchemy, elevating his materials from themundane to the extraordinary.

Emily Trice
Waterhouse & Dodd galery
NYC - 2013



Swiss born-bred with Russian descent, Boris Gratry is an interior designer and scenographer exploring the boundaries of installative art. Earning his professional degree in Interior Design at the HEAD in Geneva, he followed with a bachelor of arts in Exhibition and Stage design from the Institute of Interior Design and Scenography in Basel (FHNW/ University of Applied Sciences & Arts Northwestern Switzerland). During his studies, he collaborated and led projects with Group8 (Art Basel 2010, ICRC logistic complex). He was then hired at the international exhibition design studio in Stuttgart, Atelier Brückner,  in the competition department with projects such as BMW Museum (Frankfurt -DE). He joined the Geneva Opera House as Assistant stage manager for Umberto Giordano‘s Andrea Chenier, Mozarts‘s Abduction from the Seraglio and the Magic Flute. Strongly influenced by the Arte Povera and the Post Minimalist movement, Boris Gratry in his artwork is looking for a primary aesthetic embodied in the fight against consumerism.

Aida Bakhet 
Geneva - 2014


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