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Rusting Tradition

A tea ceremony after a disaster

Japanese Tea Pavilion

Burned / rusted car hoods
Dim: 500 x 250 x 250 cm
Geneva, Switzerland
July 2011

In the context of the Fukushima catastrophy,
the tea pavilion allows the guests to immerse
themselves in an environment dedicated to meditation
and introspection. Rusting Tradition is
a contemporary version of this ancestrial practice
made out of burned car hoods. The use of
this raw material marked by the fire is inspired
by the Raku ceramic technic. The Japanese
tea pavilion, called Chashitsu can accommodate
up to four guests guided by a tea master.
During the ceremony, participants are invited
to perform specific actions in order to achieve
a concentration close to meditation. The goal is
to be anchored in the present moment.